Bogaerds architects corporate identity

An assignment to redesign the website for Bogaerds architects resulted in a complete overhaul of the corporate identity.

Bogaerds architects corporate identity

Bumax Messageboard Social Media web application

A new Social Media Messageboard webapplication was developed for Bumax, in close cooperation with Tuxion. With this Magento module social media messages like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, can be sent to and recollected from branch related sources.

Website for Herta, internet introduction in the Netherlands

For Herta vleeswaren (Nestlé) a new website was developed in cooperation with 2special interactive,

Logo for LEGSA - Universiteit Leiden

For Leiden Expert Group on State a new logo was designed.
logo design LEGSA

Site design and photography for

Paul Matze’s first site for Coaching – Training & Teambuilding, was designed and photographed from scratch.

design website

Development new website for Melvin Anderson Glass

For Melvin Anderson a new website was developed, based on the Wordpress framework.

development website

Webshop development for Bumax

For Bumax a revamped website was developed, based on the Magento framework.

webshop production in magento

New logo for new GP practice

For a new GP practice in my home town a new logo was designed.

logo for new GP practice

Coenecoop Wine Site

For Coenecoop we produced a website with their wine assortment. One of the assignments was to make it clear that they have an organic as well as a non organic range of wines. The visitor can easily choose wich sort they want to find more information about.

Coenecoop site

Life in the city - Mexx visual essays

Life in the City, an exploration of interactive techniques in the form of inspirational visual essays for Mexx.

mexx visual essays

NLISIS brand identity - analysis of the values

NLISIS, a B2B startup in gas chromatography, let us ( the Designest team lineup: Zilver bdi, Gaudi, Exit170 ) develop their corporate identity and website.
NLISIS brand identity